The Perfect Memory Foam Pillow Cradles Your Spine, Provides Supportive Comfort and Remains Hygienic

Are You Ready To Experience The Benefits?

Have you ever wondered how your pillow effects your health? 

It’s an Important question to ask. Often pillows are purchased without much thought. A push here, a caress there, and the decision is made. Or maybe your choice came on the recommendation of a friend or the enticement of a sale? If you haven’t deeply considered your pillow’s design, you are in good company. After all, most people don’t share our (unhealthy) obsession with pillows!

Yet our second generation, fully open cell and graphite infused memory foam is worth consideration. See, our Australian made memory foam pillows are helping our customers to thrive…

Bronwyn suffered from chronic neck and back pain for years. She had spent $1000’s on pillows trying to get comfortable at night. Once she discovered Posture Form, the relief was so profound she brought a seperate pillow to take with her on holidays and an additional one for her husband.

Fiona finds she sleep more comfortably with her CPAP machine, and now wakes without the aches and pain she’d grow accustomed to.

Ash tried his wife’s pillow… and loved it so much he stole it from her! He has stopped snoring and she called us desperate to get another.

How can a Posture Form memory foam pillow provide results where other pillows dismally fail?

Our memory foam pillows harness brand new bedding technology that’s been uniquely designed for ultimate hygiene, comfort and spinal support. It is not available elsewhere in Australia.

The second generation, fully open cell and graphite infused memory foam has incredible porosity, superior performance, comfort and longevity. Crafted from safe and hypoallergenic medical grade materials, they are beautifully soft and ever so supportive.

Our memory foam pillows offer all four core quality elements…

  • 6 times the usual airflow for cooler sleeping
  • Moisture wicking for dryer sleeping
  • Dry freshness so they breathe
  • Superior hygiene and longevity 

Plus, because we are comfort focused, we test what we claim. The world’s best recognised pressure redistribution profiler, the medically certified XSENSOR Foresite Pressure Mapping System, proved our pillows have significantly lower concentrated pressure impact than traditional pillows: By a staggering (just under) 40%! For those of you not in the pillow biz, that means supportive, comfortable bliss.

Posture Form memory foam pillows: The perfect option for the ideal fit

Most pillows are not adjustable, which means achieving flawless support is almost impossible. Your head and neck need to be gently cradled as you sleep or symptoms can result. Headache, neck pain, and poor sleep can indicate your pillow is not doing its job.

The height and design of an adjustable pillow are key to supporting healthy alignment as they allow your head, neck and shoulders to unwind as you slumber. The therapeutic double contour is ideal for both side and back sleepers. These gold standard pillows are often referred to as ergonomic or cervical neck support pillows because they encourage the perfect sleeping posture.

Protecting your health as you sleep

There is much to consider when it comes to selecting your pillow. We believe protecting your health is high on this list. With this in mind, Posture Form memory foam pillows include…

Hypoallergenic and safe. You wouldn’t place your face near a toxic product in a waking state, yet you may be unknowingly spending your nighttimes resting on one. To prevent this, our pillows come with world leading antimicrobial protection against bacteria, mould, fungi, mildew, and dust mites. Plus, the mineral graphite is naturally antimicrobial.

World leading design. The neutral in-built stress-free posture allows for a deeper and more beneficial sleep.

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified.

Dual protection system. Posture Form pillows have no exposed foam and our covers are washable and naturally antimicrobial.

Recommended by spine experts. Chiropractors and Physiotherapists around the country recommend our memory foam pillows.

Australian made, owned and operated. Many pillows come from countries that lack the safety requirements we believe should be standard. This can lead to poor support and risky materials. While being locally made adds to our costs, we will not undermine your health to save a dollar. Our customers come first and this requires local production.

Soft and supportive design. When you purchase a memory foam pillow from us, you receive the perfect balance that is unique to NexGen. This technology is only available in our pillow and we know you’ll feel the difference.

Ready to own your own piece of pillow heaven?

Purchase your Posture Form memory foam pillow and get the support you need, the health you deserve and the comfort you desire here.

To be perfectly honest, while I was happy with my old favourite pillow, I still hoped for a more restful night’s sleep. So one day I tried my wife’s Posture Form pillow when taking an afternoon nap. There is no doubt it felt different at first, but I was sold. It’s brilliantly supportive and I’m sleeping better than ever.

My friend loaned me a Posture Form pillow. I had been suffering from neck soreness, but after using the pillow for a few nights, the stiffness in my neck had significantly reduced, and I was sleeping in the same position for most of the night. The neck support is great. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone giving these pillows a try.

My partner had bought a pillow for herself. It felt amazing so I wanted one too. I no longer toss and turn. Plus a big positive is I’m not snoring as much so my partner sleeps well too!! I would definitely recommend Posture Form pillows to anybody whom may be finding sleep difficult.