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There are a lot of questions around Posture Pillows - and it can be difficult to work out which one to buy - especially online!

What is the best pillow for neck pain?
What the best pillow is for side sleepers?
What is NexGen foam?
How long does it take to get used to a Posture Pillow? etc etc

Posture Form Pillows are unique - This page will (likely) answer your query. If you are unable to find the answer you need, you are welcome to contact us. Our details are at the bottom of this page.

Our FAQs are placed in sections (under bolded headlines) to enable you to find what you need more easily.

Why are Posture Form Pillows so different?

What is Unique about Posture Form Pillows?

Aside from our practitioner endorsed design and beautiful high end and plastic free finish, it’s the foam!

NexGen is Australian Made (second generation) memory foam with a few secrets in its recipe to offer the very best, on what is a delicate balance of ongoing comfort and support.

NexGen is nothing like your traditional memory foam. With Posture Form gone are the days of heavy doughy feeling pillows, gone are the days of a rock hard pillow on a cold night and gone are the days of a pillow which heats up even though you are told it has amazing air flow and breathability.

Trying is believing, you have nothing to lose with our money back guarantee and your health and wellbeing has everything to gain ♥️ 

NexGen foam is certified through National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program and Good Environmental Choice Australia.

What is NexGen foam Technology?

Next Generation is a breakthrough in memory foam technology. The second generation hybrid viscoelastic (memory) foam offers a premium level of luxury, performance and comfort.

This remarkable product is extremely breathable. Its fully open cell construction moulds to your body shape providing optimum pressure redistribution for ideal support.

NexGen has been designed to enhance your sleep experience by delivering Australia-first comfort, support and temperature regulation.

NexGen foam has over 6 times the airflow of traditional memory foam pillows to allow breathability and draw moisture and heat away from the body. This keeps you cooler and drier through our hot Aussie summer nights.

What is unique about Posture Form’s NexGen foam?

NexGen’s properties result in a pillow that lasts far longer than a traditional memory foam pillow.

The foam has enhanced airflow, moisture wicking qualities and our unique dual protection system. This reduces the speed of deterioration, leading to superior longevity, support, comfort and hygiene.

NexGen is exclusive to Posture Form Pillows.

How does NexGen foam regulate temperature?

Due to the fully open cell structure this foam combines porosity and robustness.

The result is an even, regulated temperature for a sleeping environment that no traditional memory foam can offer!

I’ve heard temperature can affect the feel. Is this true?

NexGen foam won’t ever result in that hard feeling traditional memory foams deliver on a cold night!

A great attribute of NexGen foam is its incredible porosity, which allows for better air flow and keeps the foam dry and breathable.

This significantly enhances hygiene and the transfer of heat away from the head and neck.

We believe the support, comfort and longevity this foam offers is unmatched.

What’s the Blow Test?

Unzip the outer cover, peel it back and place your mouth to the inner (foam) core of your Posture Form Pillow.

You can blow straight into the foam without your cheeks puffing up.

Try doing this to a traditional memory foam pillow and you will see the difference.

Any pillow that is worth your investment will pass the blow test.

How long does it take to get used to a Posture Form Pillow?

How long does it take to get used to a Posture Form Pillow?

It depends on the person! Have you slept on a contour pillow before? Have you got any underlying health problems?

Most people love their new pillow from the first night but even if you are used to sleeping on a structured pillow it can take a little time to get accustomed to and start feeling the benefits of your new Posture Form Pillow.

The balance of sleeping with correctly aligned posture, ongoing support and comfort is a fine line to perfect – design and foam quality matter.

In rare cases it can take up to 2 weeks to adapt after sleeping in an incorrect position for so long, as the spine is adjusting to a correct sleeping posture.

What to do if my new pillow doesn't feel comfortable?

We are a small family business and we will be there to help you if you are having trouble adjusting.

Contact us via phone, email or social media message - and we will help you trouble shoot.

We very rarely get someone who doesn't end up falling in love with our pillow and their newfound sleep quality - even if a little discomfort is experienced initially.

You may find it useful to initially use your new pillow at the beginning of the night. If you experience any discomfort, change back to your old pillow for the rest of the night.

Layer piece in or out on the first night?

If you are new to a contoured / structured supportive pillow - removing the layer piece can be a great way to ease into the increased support.

You can always insert it again later when you are ready for the next level of support.

How do you determine the correct memory foam pillow height?

How do I determine the correct height?

The correct height largely depends on your shoulder width and preferred sleeping position (back or side). Mattress density will also impact on the height of your therapeutic pillow.

A key factor to consider is whether you’re primarily a back or side sleeper.

For back sleepers, it is important to ensure the head is not in a forward position.

For side sleepers, the correct height provides support between the outer shoulder and the cheek, head and neck.

When should I use the layer piece?

The pressure relieving design of Posture Form Pillows means they will adapt to your sleeping position. It is recommended that:

Small-medium body builds and back sleepers: Use the pillow only (without the insert).

Medium-large body builds and side sleepers: Use the pillow and the included insert layer piece.

Stomach sleepers: We strongly recommend against stomach sleeping as it results in a twisted, unsupported spine.

Are these pillows suitable for children?

Are these pillows suitable for children?

Absolutely! The growing and developing spine will greatly benefit from correct sleeping posture.

Ages 8 and up can use the Posture Form Pillow – LOW without the removable layer.

However, there is no set age as some kids have broader builds than others at an earlier age. Your best judgement should be exercised here. For example, it may be practical for a larger 7-year-old but not for a small 8-year-old.

Kids often sleep on their tummy and this is a great way to encourage back or side sleeping.

Our Children’s Pillow is a great first pillow for younger children 3-7 years.

Can Posture Form Pillows help with neck and back pain?

Can Posture Form Pillows ease neck and back pain?

Whether our therapeutic pillows will help to reduce your pain depends on why you are experiencing physical distress?

Our pillows are designed to correctly support your neck and head. This lessens the strain placed on the spine and muscles.

Many of our customers report pain relief, including Lisa, Bronwyn and Fiona…

“I had been suffering from neck soreness and finding that I had been tossing and turning all night trying to find ‘my spot’ with my normal pillows. After using the pillow for a few nights, the stiffness in my neck had significantly reduced and I was sleeping in the same position for most of the night.”
– Lisa Keeble – Whittlesea, VIC

“After years of struggles with my sleeping position, waking feeling fatigued and sore, I’ve finally found a pillow I love.”
– Bronwyn McIntyre – Earlville, QLD

“The end result is waking up with no aches and pains.”
– Fiona Geri – Ormiston, Redland Bay, QLD

What should I be looking for when buying a Pillow

5 key questions to ask when buying a pillow

There are plenty of pillow options in-store and online.

Often, people come to us after they’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right fit.

We’ve seen many pillows that harm health rather than improve wellbeing.

When you are searching for a new pillow, there are 5 key questions to ask…

  1. Does it provide the correct design and contour support? The purpose of your pillow is to perfectly support your spine. A contour is required because the space between your head and the mattress and your neck and the mattress are different. Imagine building a house with walls of the same heights but an undulating floor. You would end up with a wonky roof. A non-contour pillow simply cannot provide the support a contour version can.
  2. Are you able to easily adjust the height? If a pillow is not adjustable, chances that it will provide the perfect fit are slim. A pillow needs to fill the space between your ear and the mattress so side and back sleepers need different heights. Also someone with a petite build will not need the same level of neck support as someone of a broader build.
  3. What type of foam is the pillow made from? Traditional memory foam is partly open cell only. This makes all the difference to airflow, support, longevity, hygiene and comfort. The fully open cell NexGen foam technology is relatively new in Australia. The main difference is air does not get trapped around your head.
  4.  Have they used the best materials available? We unashamedly want to provide pillows we are proud of. We never compromise. Ensure you choose a therapeutic pillow with the highest quality medical-grade materials and the latest technology for the best health outcomes.
  5. Would a health professional recommend it? A health professional’s reputation rests on the advice they give. Choosing a contour pillow that is recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths helps you to make an informed decision. Posture Form is a professionally recommended product.

Am I sleeping in the right position?

Is there a correct sleeping position?

Stomach sleeping should be avoided, whenever possible. When the head is turned to one side, it causes an unnatural and stressful rotation of the cervical spine to occur. This can create neck and lower back pain.

Changing from sleeping on your stomach to another sleep posture can take some time and effort however the benefits far out-weigh any short-term annoyance. One way to help in the transition is to utilise a Peanut Pillow . This small pillow can be placed between your knees as you transition to side sleeping. Some people find this enhances their comfort in the unfamiliar sleeping position. It may also help to align the lower back and ease tension in this region.

Side sleeping allows the vertebrae to open up and the muscles to relax. A pillow of the correct height will fill the space between the edge of your shoulder and cheek. This will encourage side sleeping.

To support your knees and lower back, a second pillow may help. Either place this between the legs or under the upper leg so this limb remains parallel to the bed as opposed to twisted.  A second pillow can be especially beneficial if you suffer from lower back pain.

Back sleeping is a well loved position. Back sleepers need a lower pillow so their head is not pushed forward, resulting in poor alignment. A low contour pillow will support the neck, while the head remains in alignment. A second pillow placed under the knees can ease lower back pain.

Both (side & back) positions are great however correct height and support between your mattress and spine is crucial and can differ from back to side sleeping. In regards to height – sometimes when your body is adjusting to the pillow and finally sleeping in good posture it can feel the pillow is too high when actually it is not. So sometimes people find they need to add the layer back in once their spine has become accustomed to sleeping in correct alignment (head, neck & spine). 

If the pillow is too high for you then you have the option of unzipping the cover and removing the bottom layer piece.

One side/ edge of the pillows is 2cm higher than the other, when on your side usually your shoulder is up to high side – when on your back usually flip so your neck is on low side. However this is not always the case and you should experiment and settle on what feels best for you.

When will my pillow be delivered?

When can I expect my Posture Form Pillow to arrive?

Once we receive your order, your Posture Form Pillow will be dispatched within 1 business day (Monday-Friday).

Depending on your location it can take between 2-7 business days for your order to arrive.

How does the returns process work?

It can take a bit of time to get used to a new pillow, especially if you have not slept on a contour/ structured pillow before. There are some tips and tricks to adapt in this case - refer FAQ's for more info here :)

If you don’t love your pillow after a couple of weeks – please email us (andrew@postureformpillows.com.au) or phone 0400 695 803.

We want you to be 100% happy with your pillow so if you can’t get comfortable you can return it for a full product refund on the price you paid for the product.

Please note: a pillow that has dirt, stains or smells resulting from poor care will not be eligible for a return. Returns are never used for resale however they may be used for display samples or donated.  

If you wish to initiate a return for your pillow, kindly get in touch with us within 40 days from the date of delivery.

Please return the pillow to us via a trackable service to ensure proof of delivery. 

Posture Form Pillows
PO Box 506
Oxenford, QLD 4210

Once the pillow is returned in good condition we will organise a full refund for the price you paid for the product. Posture Form Pillows does not refund shipping or cover return shipping. 

How can I contact you?

Contact us

During business hours, you can call us on 0400 695 803.

Alternatively, you can send an email and we will get back to you within the same business day.