Posture Form Pillow Reviews, Tried, Tested & Loved

Posture Form Pillows are Different!

A pillow’s purpose is to be supportive, comfortable and safe because the natural curve of the neck is crucial for spinal health and general wellbeing. Sadly, Aussie necks are rarely well supported by their owner’s pillows.

An important test: If you can easily compress or rearrange a pillow, leave it on the shelf or replace it. It may look pretty but it’s not doing its job; it’s not supporting your health.

An eco-friendly pillow made in Australia. Posture Form Pillows are different. They have been designed to cradle the head and support the neck. This makes all the difference for spinal biomechanics. These memory foam pillows are adjustable, hypoallergenic and Aussie-made.

Lone and Andrew have a passionate focus on being sustainable, eco-friendly and supplying pillows of the highest quality. As well as being a small family-owned business that takes care of their clients, they offer incredible pillows. I recommend them, which is why I gave my brother, sister and their partners these pillows as Christmas presents. Dr Rebecca Harwin

  • I will never use another pillow

    Dr Trent Headlam, owner of Quantum Healing Chiropractic Clinic, Gold Coast


  • These are the pillows I go to bed with every night.

    They’re the pillows that I recommend for my family, my friends and obviously my clients. Chris Bryceson owner of CB Physiotherapy


Notes From Our Tribe

  • Best Anti-Snoring Pillow Ever!

    This pillow is an absolute winner…my husband has never snored again! The best anti-snoring pillow ever! Never mind the peaceful sleep….and all the other physical benefits! Would highly recommend to anyone! Change your life!!
    Marina Hirst
  • Best Pillow – Excellent Customer Service

    Not enough good things to say, had a question, got a personal call with the answer – best Customer Service I’ve experienced in a very long time – pillow is everything It claims to be and more- Highly recommend
    Irene Price
  • No More Neck Pain!

    Was going through the stage once again of buying a pillow, using it for a couple of nights, discarding it, and then starting again. I had four of them on the floor when I found this gem. No more sore necks – absolutely wonderful. This is a quality pillow and delivers what it says.
    Karen J

More Well-Slept Customers

  • Highly recommend

    I am amazed at how good these pillows are! It has got me through an entire pregnancy and beyond. I have hardly had a headache since I started using it, I love that it is adjustable too.

    Anna Finlayson
  • Uninterrupted Sleep!

    This is an amazing pillow! I have put up with shoulder and neck pain virtually every night for months until I acquired one of these pillows. Since using this pillow I have had no pain at all and have had night after night of uninterrupted sleep.

    Philip Holder
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered

    The peanut pillow arrived fairly quickly, colour was exactly what I ordered. Is perfect for lower back & neck pain. I use it when watching TV. Would recommend it to anyone who has back pain.

    Donna May
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The Perfect Pillow!

I always struggle finding the perfect pillow. They’re too high, too flat or the contour is the wrong shape. My Posture Form Pillow really is the Goldilocks standard of all pillows – the fact it’s height-adjustable means I was able to remove a layer to make it “just right” for my height (I’m only 155cm). I’ve noticed my neck and shoulders haven’t been as tight and overall I’m able to sleep in better alignment while on my side.

Something else I like is the way it holds my head – it feels soft, and yet, supported – I don’t sink into it too much. This contour pillow never overheats, so I don’t need to flip my pillow through the night. For those thinking about making the investment online – do it! It’s the BEST pillow I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many). Love that it’s plastic-free + Australian made with no toxic smells. Thank you Posture Form for my perfect pillow!
Greer Quinn

  • Comfort all the Way!

    I’ve been looking for a replacement pillow as my old one was way past it’s due date. I’d spent a fair amount of money on other pillows, overpriced and uncomfortable. Finally came across this piece of delightful-ness! Fantastic quality and comfortable sleep, so it’s a winner for me!!
    Toni Gulleford

  • This Contour Pillow is the Best!

    Love this pillow so much I bought my husband one so he would stop stealing mine!!! Great neck and head support to stop all those aches and pains. I have replaced so many pillows over the years in search of one that provides good support and I have finally found it in this pillow. My husband said that he had the best nights sleep he’d had in ages on his Posture Form pillow; which is saying something as he is a terrible sleeper at the best of times.
    Courtney Ford

  • Worth Every Penny

    I got this pillow from my chiropractor 3 months ago – but my husband kept pinching it! It is a fantastic pillow, I sleep so well with it and never wake up with a sore neck any longer. Highly recommended.

    Valarie Millett

  • Five Stars

    Thank you Andrew, my pillow arrived yesterday and I had the deepest sleep last night, which I haven’t had for a while. Only after one night and I woke up without neck pain and felt refreshed. Highly recommend and thank you for your help.
    Edith Milham