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Peanut Pillow ®

Back and Neck Support Pillow

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The Multi-Use Back & Neck Support Pillow

Multi-Functional Support Pillow

Posture Support & Pressure Relief

Travel, Relaxation, Exercise & Rehab

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

You’ll never go without again!

The Ultimate Back & Neck Support Pillow!

A versatile Support Pillow

Since 1980, this little peanut cushion has been a beloved favourite among Aussies for its exceptional versatility and ability to alleviate pressure and provide support for neck, shoulders, lumbar area and legs.

Say goodbye to muscle strain and tension, and hello to better posture with our famous Peanut Pillow. No matter where you are, this pillow is easy to bring along and its unique design makes it easy to use in countless positions.

Support & Pressure Relief

Personalised support & pressure relief

Whether you're looking to improve your posture, manage neck and back pain, or simply find a comfortable position to rest in, the Peanut Pillow has you covered.

It can act as a leg spacer for side sleepers, and provide comfort for nursing mothers, pregnant women, and senior citizens.

It's an ideal aid for pilates, yoga, and stretching.

It's the perfect travel companion for anyone who needs a little extra back and neck support while on the road - sitting or lying.

Whether you're in the car, on a plane, train, or even at the beach, the Peanut Pillow can help you stay comfortable and supported.

Peanut Pillow Specs

Peanut Pillow Specifications

Dimensions: 30 cm x 10/12 cm

Inner fill: 100% Polyester (Polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles)

Outer cover: 100% Cotton (removable, washable zip cover)

Care instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 120 reviews
    Katherine Jones
    Just perfect

    My mid back has been giving me strife for a while now especially when sitting so driving is a nightmare!! Not since I introduced this little beauty into my life !! Has been an absolute god sent !! Just what I needed to help with my posture - thank you little peanut pillow 🙏🙏

    Gift for my daughter in law who is pregnant

    My daughter in law loves her peanut pillow. States versatile, loves that it is small enough to take with her when out visiting.
    Is giving great support to her lumber region.
    I will definitely purchase one for myself


    Good quality product.

    Suzanne Plater

    I use my peanut pillow to ease the pain in my lumbar region - usually when I'm sitting but sometimes when I'm lying flat too. It's brilliant. And so easy to take with me when I'm travelling. It also eases my sciatica.

    Peter Smith
    Limb support

    I have purchased the pillow to support an arthritic shoulder that is giving me a lot of pain. I am still looking to get the best out of it in sleeping, but it is comfortable to use. Is it possible to purchase another cover for the pillow as I cant see that on line