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Travel Pillow

Deep Sleep. In Comfort. Anywhere Anytime

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  Sleep Better while you’re on the move

Travel size Posture Pillow for Neck Support & Comfort

Wake up Energised and Ready for your Holiday

Australian made from our Family to Yours

Travel Pillows for Health & Well-being when you're away from home!

Great Sleep wherever you go

Great sleep wherever you go

Travel in comfort and avoid neck pain and back problems with the ultimate Posture Form Travel Pillow! Our Travel Pillow is crafted with premium NexGen Aqua memory foam, and fits neatly into your luggage.

NexGen Aqua is the perfect density for maintaining height and support in a handy travel size pillow, for a great night’s sleep while your away. The smooth double contour allows you to sleep in correct posture on your side or back – or both if you change it up through the night! Ideal alignment for the head, neck, and spine which also encourages healthy breathing patterns by keeping your airways clear and open to reduce snoring.

Upgrade your travel game and experience the ultimate in comfort, pressure relief & spinal support – on the go.

A NexGen Aqua Memory Foam Pillow

A NexGen Aqua Memory Foam Pillow

What’s inside matters!

Made sustainably using our “NexGen” Aqua foam which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic to ensure you can travel without worrying about any allergic reactions or health issues. NexGen truly is cutting-edge second-generation memory foam science, it’s “complete” open-cell structure enables 10 times greater airflow which promotes cooler sleeping.

NexGen Aqua foam is certified through National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program and Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Hygienic and long lasting with our dual protection system, it stays dry and fresh as it breathes and will last for many trips to come! Superior performance, comfort and longevity.

Better Sleep = Better Results

Better Sleep = Better Results

Upgrade your sleeping experience today, your energy levels and overall health & well-being will love you for it!

Specs and Care

Travel Pillow Specifications

Dimensions (cm): 40 x 25 x 10/7

Inner foam: NexGen memory foam, infused with Australian graphite

Outer cover: Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover included (Eco-soft TENCEL cover)

No Plastic Calico bag

Recyclable Return the pillow to us and we will recycle it into carpet underlay

Care instructions:
Cover: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
Please see care label for full care instructions

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Just what I needed

    Delighted with the purchase. The travel size is perfect and just a tad larger than others that I have come across, which suits my needs perfectly. There is the right support for my neck and overall very comfortable. I work FIFO, and the pillows provided in the camp are diabolical
    Thanks again
    Linda 😏

    Jody A
    Fabulous pillow and size

    Fabulous pillow and size for travelling

    Christie Mulroney


    Cherie Fulwood
    Posture Pillow Standard size & Travel

    I have owed a standard size posture pillow, which I purchased on advice from my physio, as I suffer from neck & back pain. I have had it for over a year & cannot sleep without it. It is hight adjustable which is helpful. I am travelling OS & purchased the travel pillow to ensure a restful holiday.

    Ann Elliott
    Travel Pillow

    This pillow is the best when travelling. After purchasing the larger pillow I found I really missed a good nights sleep when travelling but now with this travel pillow I get the best of both worlds