Green change for ergonomic pillow business

Green change for ergonomic pillow business

From lock-down to sustainable production

Posture Form Co-Founder Lone Lawson talks about how “the year like no other” has spurred positive change.  Their family-owned ergonomic pillow manufacturing company has now transitioned to being eco-luxe, recyclable and plastic-free.

Why did you go plastic-free?

The bushfires that rang in 2020 really made us tune in to the amount of plastic we are all consuming and generating. We talked a lot about changing our packaging as ergonomic pillows are traditionally packaged in thick plastic packaging. We wanted to contribute to preserving the environment, not add to the problem. So when things went awfully quiet in April at the beginning of the pandemic, we used the down-time to transition and shed all plastic from our packaging.

How did your stockists respond?

Interestingly, the extra investment into our company’s environmental footprint has increased sales. The new calico bags have enhanced our “eco-luxe” shelf appeal. It shows that going green can pay off in business. And that crises like bushfires and pandemics can inspire greener choices.

Specifically, what are the sustainable aspects of your business?

There is so much behind our sustainability journey now and we’re always seeking to improve. When we can do better, we do better.
These are our key green credentials:

  • We replaced our previous packaging with Calico bags
  • Our NexGen foam is 100% recyclable and free from any heavy metals/toxic compounds
  • We are certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)
  • The removable covers are made from eco-luxe TENCEL which is derived from wood-pulp
  • Our zips are made from recycled materials
  • And at the end of their life, our long-lasting ergonomic pillows can be returned and recycled in the circular economy as carpet underlay.

How has the pandemic impacted your business?

We were incredibly lucky that even at the height of the restrictions and lock-downs in Australia, most health practitioners were able to remain open. This definitely helped, but many of the clinics also experienced slow downs. People working from home in less than optimal ergonomic settings have been experiencing sore necks, shoulders, backs and hips and have been seeking care from their health practitioners. Practitioners have in turn been recommending our adjustable contoured pillows to improve sleeping posture.

Is it a help that your ergonomic pillow is made in Australia?

Our pillows are handcrafted in a manufacturing facility in Brisbane. This has been a great advantage to us during this time particularly are there are so many ongoing supply chain issues overseas. “Made in Australia” has had a big revival and both clinics and customers love that our adjustable pillows are made locally.