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Posture Form Pillow ®

Deep Sleep. Tension Relief. More Energy

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Free Shipping, 40 Night trial & hassle-free Returns

Sleep & Recover to your full potential

Fall asleep faster & sleep deeper

Tension relief = less aches and pains

Wake up energised & ready for your day

Australian made from our Family to Yours

Your Health & Well-being will Love you for it!

Adjust for your Perfect Posture

The Adjustable Pillow for optimum Sleeping Posture

The Posture Form contour pillow is designed to provide optimum comfort and spinal support while you rest, allowing your muscles to completely relax.

This is achieved by providing ideal alignment for your head, neck, and spine to encourage a neutral, stress-free sleeping posture.

Our Memory Foam Contour Pillow is height-adjustable to suit your individual body type and sleep position. You just remove the layer piece on the bottom of the pillow and the pillow is lowered by 2cm.

It’s the perfect density and support for relieving neck and shoulder pain, as the contour keeps your head, neck, and spine in alignment while reducing shoulder compression (when side-sleeping).

The double contour allows you to sleep in correct posture on your side or back – or both if you change it up through the night!

This also encourages healthy breathing patterns by keeping your airways clear and open to reduce snoring.

A NexGen Memory Foam Pillow

A NexGen Memory Foam Pillow

What’s inside matters!

Made sustainably using our “NexGen” foam which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, recyclable and infused with the super-conductive natural mineral graphite. NexGen truly is cutting-edge second-generation memory foam science, it’s “complete” open-cell structure enables 10 times greater airflow which promotes cooler sleeping.

NexGen foam is certified through National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program and Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Hygienic and long lasting, it stays dry and fresh as it breathes and won’t deteriorate and flake like traditional memory foam. Superior performance, comfort and longevity.

Put an open mouth on the foam and see how easily air pushes through. Accidentally spill a glass of water on your pillow, no sweat, see how quickly it dries when you air it out. Now compare this to any other memory foam!

A “Ripple” surface designed specifically for the special recipe of NexGen provides an incredibly luxurious feel to your face and neck while the head and spine are fully supported.

The Contour Pillow for Better Sleep

The Contour Pillow for Comfort and Support

Our adjustable posture pillow has been designed for neutral spinal alignment to help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. With it's innovative design and foam technology, they provide tension relief which helps reduce sleep related aches and pains. The NexGen open-cell memory foam contour pillow is hand crafted in Australia for your health and well-being. Wake up energised and ready to take on your day! Your energy levels and overall well-being will love you for it!

Regular or Low - which one do I choose?

Which Pillow height do i choose?

Choose the Posture Form Pillow – LOW if you are under 167cm (5’5)

Note: If you are slightly over 167cm (5’5) and of a petite build for your height we suggest still choosing the LOW version 

Choose the Posture Form Pillow – REGULAR if you are above 167cm (5’5)

Posture Form Specs and Care

Pillow Specifications

Posture Form Pillow – REGULAR
Dimensions (cm):

57 x 36 x 15/13 (with layer)
57 x 36 x 13/11 (without layer)

Posture Form Pillow – LOW
Dimensions (cm):

57 x 36 x 13/11 (with layer)
57 x 36 x 11/9 (without layer)

Both pillows fit a standard pillow case

Inner foam: NexGen memory foam, infused with Australian graphite

Outer cover: Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover included (Eco-soft TENCEL cover)

No Plastic Calico bag

Recyclable Return the pillow to us and we will recycle it into carpet underlay

Care instructions:
Cover: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle

Please see care label for full care instructions

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    Adjustable memory foam pillow with zip cover

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 308 reviews
    Tanya Toohey

    My daughter recommended this pillow for my constantly sore neck. I have never felt better,

    Favourite pillow ever

    The perfect pillow for my neck, firm but still a little soft so it doesn’t hurt my neck. Great to keep migraines away.

    Caitlin Toohey
    Cured my migraines and headaches

    I just wanted to say how AMAZED I am with this pillow. I have had chronic migraines and headaches for years, and these are all attributed to my neck (and usually last for 5-7 days). My physio recommended this pillow for me when I had a severe migraine. I couldn't believe it, I ordered this pillow on a Thursday and received it on Friday, and to my disbelief, my migraine was completely gone after just ONE NIGHT of sleeping on this pillow!! I didn't even think this was possible. I've never had my migraine completely go by the next day, as was expecting at least another 4 days of pain and missed work.
    Also, the customer service by Lone and Andrew went absolutely above and beyond as well, as they took extra care to get this pillow to me as quickly as possible (and even texted me when it had been shipped!). I have recommended this pillow, and this Australian brand, to everyone I know.
    I am just so incredibly grateful to Posture Form Pillow.

    Jenna Black
    Best pillow I’ve ever slept on

    This is by far the BEST pillow I have EVER slept on. No more sore neck, shoulders and upper back. It fits perfectly to my body shape. With the ability to remove height from the pillow that doesn’t affect shape or feel, it’s the perfect pillow. So perfect, that my whole family have one. Yes even my 5 year old son.

    vanesaa french
    Best sleeps ever since receiving my new pillow

    Amazing comfort
    My neck feels totally supported and I wake feeling well rested
    I used to move around trying to get comfortable with my old pillow and often wake with a sore neck
    I couldn’t recommend this posture form pillow enough