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Ergonomic Side Effects of Working from Home

If you’ve been finding you’ve had a sore neck lately, you’re not alone

An uncomfortable side-effect of working from home has a number of people reporting problems with shoulder, back and neck pain caused by sub standard working ergonomics and poor posture when working from the kitchen table or from a make shift office at home. This has resulted in increased visits to health care practitioners and a renewed focus on chiropractic pillows.

Brisbane manufacturer Posture Form Pillows is experiencing a surge in sales for their chiropractic pillows, from customers wanting to improve their sleep posture to counteract poor ergonomics during the day.

“We’re taking pre-orders and selling out before the next batch is finished being handcrafted at our Brisbane manufacturing facility,” Posture Form Co-Founder Lone Lawson said.

Demand is Up for Chiropractic Pillows

“As well as an increase in the number or people experiencing shoulder, neck and back there is a renewed appreciation for both "Plastic Free" and Australian made products. 

Gold Coast chiropractor Dr Trent Headlam, who stocks the Posture Form chiropractic pillows in his clinic, said he’s seeing an increase of about 20 per cent in neck and shoulder complaints. Working from home seem to go hand in hand with neck pain and back problems, this trend has also been observed by Posture Form’s other clinics.


People are Working on their Laptops from their Beds

“Unfortunately, the ergonomics in a home situation are very different to what you would find in the work or school environment,” Dr Headlam said.

“From conversations with patients, people are literally doing a full day’s work on their laptop from their beds or on the kitchen table. When we analyse someone’s spine, we look at postural stress and strain in their work or schooling environment, how much time their spending on handheld devices, the type of sports they do, if they have any old injuries, but, we also look at sleeping posture.

What people don’t really understand is that you spend 7-9 hours in bed sleeping, so if your spine isn’t supported on a good mattress and a good pillow that enhances the natural shape of the neck, then you’re actually doing damage all night.”

Posture Form co-preneurs Andrew and Lone (pronounced Lona) Lawson have been zoning in on pillows for almost two decades, “Posture Form’s unique graphite-infused open-cell foam is part of the magic, but the science behind the perfect pillow is complex,” explained Andrew.

“The double-contour and adjustable-height features are key to supporting healthy alignment for the head, neck and shoulders for side or back sleepers and greatly reducing snoring. The cooling effect of graphite means you’re also not needing to flip your pillow through the night.”

You can browse the Posture Form range of chiropractic pillows, or get in touch via the contact page.

Background story: designing the ultimate Chiropractic Pillow

Posture Form co-preneurs Andrew and Lone prototyped the first version of their perfect ergonomic pillow in 2016. Several iterations later – with the latest version launching in July 2020, they felt they’d finally nailed their product; A height-adjustable, chiropractic pillow that’s made sustainably in Australia.

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