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Covid-19 latest news

We are committed to keeping our customers informed during this unprecedented global health crisis. As the conditions and regulations evolve and change we will continue to update the information on our website.

At PostureForm, we are doing everything we can to maintain the delivery of our pillows. Our supply chain is currently secure. We are confident in our ability to support you as you support your patients. Read more

Covid-19 better sleep

Is the Covid-19 pandemic causing you to feel stressed?

With such widespread coverage, the 24-7 news cycle, and social media feeds jammed with coronavirus content, many of our patients are reporting that they feel overwhelmed, anxious. This is understandable, so it’s important to find ways to calm stress, naturally.

See, a 2017 study published in Computers in Human Behavior[1] found that, “Exposure to chronic stress can suppress immune function and increase susceptibility to infection.” That’s not a good combination!

covid-19 stress

covid-19 stress

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chronic pain and insomnia

Pain has the ability to stop sleep dead in its tracks before calm has a chance to descend. Then, if a sufferer does manage to slumber, pain has an unconscionable ability to reach its uncomfortable tentacles deep into slumber often waking someone from much needed rest. To compound matters, just as pain triggers insomnia, insomnia exacerbates pain. It’s no wonder so many Aussies are exhausted and sore. Read more