About Us


We are Andrew and Lone. We founded Posture Form pillows to forever change the way people sleep.

We’re passionate about the crucial role that sleep plays in health. For years we found ourselves frustrated by the profound lack of premium quality pillows. Poly filled, non-ergonomic options flooded (and still do) the market place. These, by design, cannot offer the support, safety, medical—grade materials and better nights that people just like you need.

See, Andrew was an elite athlete. He suffered from severe whiplash as young adult, which resulted in sleeping problems for 10 years. The best his physiotherapist could offer at the time was a stuffed poly fill, two chamber pillow. His pain continued.

Andrew and Lone married in 1998. They have a long-term love affair with each other and health, fitness and nutrition. This led to purchasing a pillow business. Still, Andrew could never find a pillow to ease his neck and back problems. The continuous frustration at the lack of quality pillows sparked an idea that awakened a change in this industry.

They set about designing and producing the ultimate pillow.

The criteria?

Science backed materials, cutting edge design, support and value for money. We made it our mission to talk with the spinal health experts we had known for years, study the science of foam making, and partner with the best in the business to craft pillows that matter.

Our difference

Our focus is pillows only. Literally! They are the only thing we do. We do them really well! As technology continues to advance, we will strive to remain in the best in the industry. There are too many inferior pillows being sold across the country. We believe the health effect are too hazardous to ignore.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: To provide you with the best, lovingly crafted, Australia-made pillows that lead to vastly improved sleep. That’s why we launched the Better Sleep Movement and our online store.

At the age of 46, Andrew can still keep up with the youngsters at the local Gold Coast sports super centre. And we can both chase after our three gorgeous, busy kids. That’s the joy of being well slept!

It’s time you slept well, too!

I have tested 20 different pillows to find the best for myself and my family. My favourite pillow is the NexGen Smooth profile. It supports your neck whether you are a back or side sleeper. I love the fact it has a hypoallergenic bamboo pillow cover. I have personally chosen this pillow for myself, kids and my patients.

We use the Posture Form memory foam pillows in our treating room and patients consistently remark about the comfort of the pillows and end up purchasing one.