chronic pain and insomnia

Pain has the ability to stop sleep dead in its tracks before calm has a chance to descend. Then, if a sufferer does manage to slumber, pain has an unconscionable ability to reach its uncomfortable tentacles deep into slumber often waking someone from much needed rest. To compound matters, just as pain triggers insomnia, insomnia exacerbates pain. It’s no wonder so many Aussies are exhausted and sore. Read more

insomnia problems

Do you lay awake, wide eyed and desperately wishing for sleep, night after night?  Significant sleeplessness can be an intermittent or long term foe and its effects on your health can be alarming. Yes, there’s the tired, irritable self we’ve all experienced from time to time when we’ve burnt the candle at both ends instead of heading to bed early at a reasonable time. But insomnia is a different beast.

The 2016 Sleep Health Survey of Australian Adults reported that we, Aussies, are missing out on sufficient shuteye en masse, with a lack of sleep affecting an estimated 33-45% of adults. Twenty percent of us also suffer from a significant form of insomnia. Read more